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Our experienced preconstruction team is dedicated to mitigating complications and risk before anyone steps foot on a jobsite.


Providing detailed and thorough proposals at the onset of a job, limiting ticket work and change orders.

Building Information Modeling

Utilizing BIM to better understand and communicate the details surrounding our scope, in order to best coordinate those details with clients and other trades.


Our full-time in-house safety staff produces project-specific safety manuals, bringing to light relevant risks and appropriate precautions to be taken.

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With over 200,000 sqft of warehouse space and the most advanced equipment the industry has to offer, NEFS prioritizes opportunities to prefabricate project elements in off-site facilities.

From pre-forming complex drywall shapes and pre-installing hardware on doors to unitizing project elements before they arrive on-site.

Utilizing a controlled environment off-site improves:

Safety | Quality | Speed | Value



Industry leading technology is the key that allows us to provide top of the line services in every aspect of our process.

Coordinating shop drawings and BIM in pre-construction phases, utilizing advanced point cloud measuring capabilities at the onset of a job, and training our highly skilled carpenters with the newest processes and equipment on the market allow our team to offer the most sophisticated and comprehensive services available.

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